In addition to VIP transport services, Cinco Air provides dependable on-demand cargo services to many industries. Cargo operations are conducted in the Pilatus PC-12. With its aft cargo door, large parcels and freight can be quickly transported to domestic and international locales. With 24/7 availability, trust in Cinco Air Charter to get you immediate delivery where it needs to be on time at an affordable price.

The Pilatus PC-12 can be utilized in two different cargo configurations:  The first being an “all cargo” configuration which maximizes the aircraft’s size and access.  The second being a cargo/passenger configuration.  Although some of the cargo space is sacrificed, this configuration is especially useful when personnel need to travel with the freight.  Whether it is mechanics accompanying an urgent part to a repair site, transporting film production equipment and handlers to a remote location, or simply getting your family and their vacation equipment wherever you want; Cinco Air and the ultra capable Pilatus PC-12 will get the job done.