Air Ambulance

From Cinco Air Charter’s inception, Air Ambulance flights have been a core part of the business. Partnering with the best Air Medical Service companies in the United States, Cinco Air provides safe, fast, and reliable medical transport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Utilizing a brand new, state of the art Spectrum Aeromed life support system, the Pilatus PC-12’s tall cabin space allows excellent access and room to care for the patient. All Cinco Air Medical flights are crewed with two pilots and two medical personnel (MD/RN, RN/RN, RN/RT), assuring the highest level of safety and care. Medical flights are currently operated worldwide. We recently added our Westwind II to our air ambulance fleet.

We have also added a strategic partnership to afford our Air Ambulance customers with the following advantages:

  • Minimize flight times by providing a more direct flight route
  • Decrease operational cost (Increase in returns)
  • Maintain high-quality medical care
  • Increase your strategic and operational reach with additional resources at a cost plus
  • Maintain established service partnerships
  • International Medical Evacuation throughout the Americas, Hawaii and beyond
  • Bedside to Bedside Medical Transport
  • Organ Transport
  • Medical Tourism Flights